You are a superhero.
Flatter Me
You pay attention to people more than your phone.
Flatter Me

Compliments get competitive in Flatter Me, a new party game for friends, family, and partners.

Each of the 250 unique compliment cards includes a thoughtful sentiment to play or give away as gifts, with colorful artwork by Ashley G.

Share what others mean to you in this battle of kind words from Ami Baio, the creator of You Think You Know Me.

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You are the best kind of troublemaker.
Flatter Me
You are better than brunch.
Flatter Me
You are resilient.
Flatter Me
It's easy to talk to you for hours and hours and hours.
Flatter Me
You are proof that magic is real.
Flatter Me
About the Game

Flatter Me is a compliment battle game, a collection of 250 unique compliments designed as a game for two players, or to be given away individually as tokens of care and friendship.

Flatter Me is the followup to You Think You Know Me, the debut card game from Portland, Oregon-based game designer Ami Baio.

Like You Think You Know Me, Flatter Me was funded on Kickstarter, raising over $15,000 from nearly 500 backers.

Learn more at Kickstarter, or email for more information.

How to Play

Flatter Me is a game for two, played similar to the classic card game of War, but a battle of compliments! The goal is to receive the most compliments.

Start by splitting the deck evenly into two face-down stacks, one for each player.

  1. In each round, both players simultaneously reveal the card from the top of their stack.
  2. If your revealed card best suits your opponent’s personality, they take both cards. If their card best suits your personality, you get both!
  3. Tiebreakers: If both cards fit both players, or neither card is a good fit, draw three more cards and reveal the fourth. Winner takes all cards. Repeat until the tie is broken!

Once both stacks are gone, the winner is the player who received the most compliment cards.

Bonus: Flatter Me cards make great gifts of friendship and affection. Give them away to people who mean something to you!

About the Designer

Ami Baio is a game designer living and working in magical Portland, Oregon, and the founder of Pink Tiger Games. Previously a massage therapist, writer, and personal trainer, Ami brings her unique experience in self-care, storytelling, and personal growth to make games that are creative and kind.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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